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Liberty Pathways - Meadow

Take a walk down one of our Liberty Pathways. Each Pathway offers you a glorious journey to a spectacular quilt.Made from iconic Liberty Tana Lawn every moment of sewing is delightful.

The Meadow Pathway leads you to a classic and serene Liberty colourway. Soft pastels with a splash of brightness and very floral. Please see the images of the some blocks I have made. These will give you the feel for the Meadows fabrics. Please note that you may not recive fabrics shown.

The Spiced Pathway leads you to a rich and sumptuous colourway. Jewel tones, navy and blacks that are luxuriant and lush.

We use the Pathways pattern and acrylic templates from The Next Stitch.

I knew this was a winner when a friend making it said, “Pathways was strangely addictive”. It ticks all my hand piecing project boxes.It is small so easily transportable, simple hand applique, just designed to be a scrappy quilt and produces a sunning quilt.To this I have added Liberty Tana Lawn, so the actual sewing process is a delight. All the solids are Pure Elements from Art Gallery Fabric which work beautifully with the Liberty. I have had so much fun curating the fabrics for these Pathways.

How it works.

Decide with Pathway you wish to join and sign up.

Every month you will receive

Three Fat Eights of Liberty Tana Lawn.

Two Fat Quarters of a Pure Element Solid.

Each monthly mailing costs $35.00 plus postage. This will be at a letter cost.

In Month One you will receive the Pathways Pattern and Template Set so Month One costs $55.00.

You commit to receiving six months of mailings, this allows you make a 1.5 m square throw quilt. If you do not cancel after this the programme will continue for a further six months.This will give you a full-size bed quilt.

This image gives the impression of the fabrics used. Fabrics will change.


  • Month 1 - $55.00
  • Month 2 - $35.00
  • Month 3 - $35.00
  • Month 4 - $35.00
  • Month 5 - $35.00
  • Month 6 - $35.00
  • Month 7 - $35.00
  • Month 8 - $35.00
  • Month 9 - $35.00
  • Month 10 - $35.00
  • Month 11 - $35.00
  • Month 12 - $35.00

Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and include 10% GST (Sales Tax), international orders will not include GST of 10%