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Thread Balm

Due to heat, drought , smoke and fires there is a shortage of beeswax. We hope supply will be back in March.

Why use a Thread Balm?

1. It makes your thread stronger

It also stops static and reduces those annoying tangles.

2. Its a joy to use

All you need to do is place your thread over the surface of the balm, rest your thumb gently on top and pull the thread through for a nice light coat. There is no need to press the thread into the balm. Last of all just work the balm into the thread by running it through your pinched thumb and finger and you are ready to sew.

3. No nasties

Thread Balm is made from all-natural ingredients and is safe to use in your projects. The main ingredient is pure Australian beeswax.

4.Plastic free & locally made

The beeswax used in Thread Balm is locally-sourced. This means unlike imported thread conditioners, Thread Balm wont harm our honey and native bee populations.

It is made in regional Australia. This reduces the air miles and means you are supporting Australian small businesses.

And importantly, those cool little tins are plastic-free as well as functional. They're made from fully recyclable aluminium.

5. It smells so great

In fact, they smell bloody lovely! They're not over-powering, yet linger just enough to give you a pleasant waft of scent as you stitch.

Please note. Thread balm may contain traces of tree nuts. If this is a problem for you, you might need to steer clear.

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