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Jen's Block Wrap

Product Code: JKN095

Jen's Block Wrap

The downtime while being in transit meant I had hour upon hour to do what I loved: Hand Stitch my new projects. It’s a delightful circle as the reason I get to travel so much is that I’ve made a career out of this passion.

However, while travelling and stitching go hand-in-hand for me it could sometimes be frustrating. My work would often get jumbled in my carry-on, or stick to the underside of my batting design board and become muddled.

I knew there had to be a way to fix this problem, so together with the help of my husband Richard I've developed my own Block Wrap.

It’s a portable felt wrap, with a plasticised non-stick underside on each layer to prevent my pieces from sticking. I can have up to 6 blocks perfectly laid out which will stay exactly how I've placed them. And even this year without travel it’s come in handy. It’s a permanent fixture in my handbag and so far it has been whipped out at the dentist, car wash, my studio upstairs at the shop, and my mother-in-law's while Richard tends to her garden.

Jen's Block Wrap

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