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1800s Reproduction Shop

Our 1800s Reproduction Shop is dedicated to the quilter who loves traditional and antique quilts and fabrics.

The history of patchwork and quilting is fascinating. Traditional patchwork is associated with America during the 1800s. Think of a patchwork quilt and it is likely that a log cabin quilt or a beautiful scrap quilt made of leftover fabrics from a dressmakers scrap bag will come to mind. However patchwork was very well established in Europe, particularly in in the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. We attempt to have fabrics representing all these regions.

Civil War prints, from a period which loosely covers 1840-1870 dress prints are a quilters favourite and are featured in this Shop. Just check the Collection description for date/period indication. Other recognisable design eras are the reproductions of early block and roller prints. These are generally from 1800-1830s and feature large florals and sparse designs. Red and green, Pennsylvania Dutch, shirtings and toiles are other distinct fabric styles that Quiltsmith specialises in. Quiltsmith prides itself on its selection of 1800s reproduction fabrics and giving you an insight into the history of the fabric, wherever possible.