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The Liberty Gallery

Welcome to our Liberty Gallery.

All the fabrics in the Gallery are Liberty Tana Lawn. You can buy these wonderful fabrics by the metre, a minimum cut of 0.50 m applies. Alternately, you can buy a Fat Quarter (0.50 cm x 0.70 cm), a Fat Eighth (0.23 cm x 0.70 cm) or a Fat Sixteenth (0.25 cm x 0.35 cm).

About Liberty Tana Lawn.

Arthur Liberty began his career as an apprentice for a draper. In 1875 he established Liberty London. Over time this has become one of the best known department stores in London, with a world wide reputation for quality and beauty. One of their most loved products are their fabrics. Known colloquially as Liberty Prints.

The name "Tana" refers to Lake Tana in Ethiopia, where the original long staple cotton was sourced. The high thread count of the fabric, makes it extremely soft to touch. The exceptionally fine, even, tight weave allows the fabric to take a finely detailed print, with wondrous colour saturation.

Liberty's Tana Lawn has stormed the quilting world over the last few years. The soft luxuriant handle of Tana Lawn makes slow stitching by hand a delight. Every quilter deserves a hand made Liberty heirloom.

Liberty now releases two Seasonal Collections of "new" designs to compliment their Classics Collection. This allows quilters to collect a new palette to create from.

Quiltsmith will be building its Tana Lawn offering over time and will be carrying the Classics Collection.